Friday, July 10, 2009

Crowdsourced Eulogies

Convinced there's nothing more to be shared online about Michael Jackson? Guess again. Webcams and cellphones are being used by people around the world this week to eulogize the late pop star well beyond his recent funeral.

Eternal Moonwalk, a new site from Belgian radio station Studio Brussel, asks visitors to submit a clip of themselves moonwalking. The video clips are then pieced together to create an endless moonwalk that slides across the page. Thousands of people from Madrid to Hastings, N.Z., to Antwerp to Naples to Tokyo, are submitting clips of themselves moonwalking through their kitchens, living rooms, front lawns—you name it. The site is becoming a global tribute to Michael Jackson and his most famous dance move.

Let us know if you've added your own clip.

(Still from video clip submitted to

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