Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Virtual Worlds: The New Green?

Much is being said (again) amid the current economic downturn about the benefits of meeting virtually. Might virtual worlds be an even more efficient, effective, and eco-friendly alternative to video-conferencing? Here's Bernhard Drax's latest news report from Second Life on a recent panel discussion moderated by the U.S. State Department on the rise of virtual workspaces. [Hint: There are more than 1,400 organizations doing real work and real meetings in Second Life already.] Drax's avatar, Draxtor Despres, is the guy in the glasses:

For more on Drax, see Mo' Real, a short profile and report by Drax on President Obama's health care reform plans that appeared here, on the Cause Global blog early last year.

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Blogger Unknown said...

Thanks Marcia Stepanek for doing this write-up. My vid is only scratching the surface of virtual work: an equally important aspect is job creation, which Hanno Tietgens mentions towards the end. The new cyber-worker so to speak: may he/she create and sell virtual goods and services or collaborate on modeling and protoyping for use in the physical world - for our children it will be tremendously important to efficiently navigate virtual spaces!

January 28, 2010 at 1:29 PM  

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