Tuesday, July 20, 2010


The whistleblower Web site, Wikileaks, is becoming increasingly controversial as a hub for classified documents and video. At the 2010 TEDGlobal conference last Friday in England, TED's Chris Anderson interviewed the elusive, Australian founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange, who is reportedly being sought for questioning by U.S. authorities. [A controversial figure, Assange has been criticized by some who question whether his site's publication of top-secret documents is reckless and does more harm than good. Others have lauded Assange and his work; Amnesty International last year gave him its International Media Award for public service.]

Here's an excerpt of the TEDGlobal Q&A:

Chris Anderson: It's been reported that Wikileaks, your baby, has -- in the last few years -- released more classified documents than the rest of the world's media. Can that possibly be true?

Julian Assange: Yeah, can it possibly be true? It's a worry, isn't it, that the rest of the world's media is doing such a bad job, that a little group of activists is able to release more of that type of information than the rest of the world's press combined.

Here's the video of the full interview, released today by TED:

(Illustration, top, by Brandon Lauftenberg, for istock.com)

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