Friday, July 31, 2009

Mom & Popism

[Photograph from the upcoming exhibition reinterpreting James and Kala Murray's latest book, Store Front: The Disappearing Face of New York. The exhibit, set for August 15 in the Bowery, brings together the work of 28 notable graffiti and street artists; each was invited to create new artworks on top of life-sized reproductions of James and Kala Murray's store-front photographs. Collaborating artists include Blanco, Buildmore, Cake, Celso, Cern, Chris (RWK), Crome, Cycle, David Cooper, Destroy & Rebuild, Enamel Kingdom, Goldenstash, Infinity, Kngee, Lady Pink, Matt Siren, Morgan Thomas , Peru Ana Ana Peru, Plasma Slugs, Royce Bannon, Shai R. Dahan, Shiro, The Dude Company , Tikcy, Under Water Pirates, Veng (RWK), Zoltron and Billi Kid.]

(Image: Courtesy Store Front)

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Anonymous Steve said...

Very cool project! Thanks for sharing.

August 3, 2009 at 11:33 AM  

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