Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Berlin Twitter Wall

Last night marked the 20th anniversary of the fall of The Berlin Wall. To commemorate the event, the City of Berlin has created The Berlin Twitter Wall and is inviting people to share their recollections, as well as cite other such walls to human freedom that remain in 2009.

So far, people in more than 35 countries around the world have twittered their thoughts to hashtag #fotw, including their memories of what they were doing on the exact day the wall fell—November 9, 1989. [Many recall watching the event on TV.]

But not all tweets are looking to the past. Just days after the launch of The Berlin Twitter Wall on October 20, Chinese authorities blocked the site—but not before nearly 2,000 Chinese Internet users had left messages on the virtual wall, most of them demanding an end to censorship in China.

For a look at another digital Wall site, go to www.fallberlinwall.com, created by Reporters Without Borders as a fundraiser for its free speech efforts around the world. Visitors to the site are invited to choose one or more bricks on a digital wall, and then to destroy them by sending a text message, the price of which will go to the nonprofit.

What do you think or remember about the fall of The Berlin Wall?

[Photo of remaining Berlin Wall section by Knud Nielsen]

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