Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Some social media factoids from Inauguration Day yesterday:

* More than 1 million status updates were posted on Facebook, averaging some 4,000 per hour for the day.

* An average of 8,500 status updates were posted on Facebook per minute druing Barack Obama's speech.

* Obama's Facebook Fan Page had more than 4 million fans and more than 500,000 wall posts.

* By noon yesterday, CNN had surpassed its all-time total daily streaming record of 5.3 million live streams: between 6a and 3:30p EST yesterday, it had served 21.3 million live video streams globally, nearly four times its previous record

* Twitter reported a surge of five times the normal tweets per second, and experienced some outages due to the rapid rise in traffic.

* ABC News Digital had a record 8.3 million views on and across partner sites including Yahoo! and Verizon VCast.

Also, if you haven't already, check out the new site. Click here to see ReadWriteWeb's comparison of this new site with the Web sites of Obama's White House predecessors—the Presidents, of course, who had a Web site at all.

Here's the Photosynth, 3-D image that CNN collected in its The Moment project. It pieces together photos sent to CNN's site the instant Obama put his hand to the Bible and includes images from hundreds of different vantage points around the Capitol steps.

To learn about YouTube's move to make Inauguration Day videos downloadable for free, click here to read Jimmy Orr's post on the Christian Science Monitor's Vote blog.

(Illustration, Number Brain, by Prawny for

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