Friday, February 6, 2009

Social Actions Roundup 4

The use of social media for social change is proliferating rapidly. In that vein, we at Cause Global are sharing this weekly round-up of social action links and varied tech news bits from Social Actions and its passionate, cause-wired team—Joe Solomon, Christine Egger and Peter Deitz.

Here is Social Actions' latest round-up, covering the two-week period from January 21 to February 2: launched its developer API and a new Web site,

Google Exec Katie Jacobs Stanton was appointed to the Obama administration as Director of Citizen Participation; CauseGlobal introduced Katie Jacobs Stanton and her vision.

UC Berkeley Human Rights Center launched a Mobile Challenge on NetSquared; Civic Ventures began accepting nominations for The Purpose Prize; Ashoka GenV and the Lemelson Foundation started taking submissions for their Invent Your World challenge; began accepting nominations for its 2009 DoSomething Award, and NABUUR began accepting votes for Volunteer of the Year. launched a virtual volunteering program.

BetterPlace wrote about Generation Generosity.

PolicyPitch cited a GOP effort to crowdsource ways to Rebuild the Party.

PolicyPitch wrote about the Utah Senate's embrace of social media.

ChristmasFuture received a $50k creative services grant from Karo.

NewsCred blog analyzed the Endowment Model for newspapers.

TheExtraordinaries shared slides from Stanford's Computuer Science for Social Good Class.

Lucy Bernholtz of the Philanthropy 2173 blog raved about Twitter; the Culture of Collaboration blog raved about micro-blogging in general.

Social Velocity explained how to Ask for Money in a Recession; FrogLoop shared Everything You Wanted to Know About Online Fundraising in a Bad Economy.

Tom Watson started blogging for Social Edge.

FrogLoop wrote about the Joys of Google Grants. shared Ten Tips for Planning a Successful Webinar.

Beth Kanter posted a list of Women in Nonprofit Technology Who Rock.

Money on the Move blog offered up a handful of micro-philanthropyplatforms; blog answered the question, Just What Is Micro-Philanthropy?; GiftHub hosted a conversation about Microphilanthropy for Macro Social Results; ExecDigital published an article on micro-philanthropy called Philanthropy: The Spirit of Giving.

Britt Bravo wrote about iPhone Apps for Nonprofits; Prelude Interactive asked readers to Look Beyond the iPhone.

Katya Andresen wrote about the lack of control when it comes to leveraging social media.

Global Mindshift posted a video from its Google Tech Talk.

Social Actions raised $14,715.34 in donations and pledges and launched its social media consulting plans.Its Change the Web Challenge introduced a proposed logo for the contest and published guidelines for Judge Nominations (or 50+ Rock Stars to Follow on Twitter).

Recent Discoveries - Dreamers Who Are Doers

EthicL - Buy and Sell Things That Help Humanity

Knight Citizen News Network - Helping Citizens and Journalists Amplify Community News

Advocacy Online - eCampaigning Software

What are Social Actions Round-Ups?

Each week, Social Actions community members post links and news about online social action applications and nonprofit activism. This round-up is a summary of just some of the links that surfaced in the last two weeks, through February 2. You can share links and news for future Social Actions round-ups in the Peer-to-Peer Social Change FriendFeed Room. You can also check out past round-ups here and can tag your delicious bookmarks with "p2pchange" or include "#p2pchange" in your tweets; Social Actions will scoop them up and review them.

Social Actions round-ups are syndicated on CauseWired, CauseGlobal, TakePart, and NetSquared.

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