Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cause Videolist

We at Cause Global have been covering the emergence of the cause video sector from its beginnings; a recent Cause Global post about Choose a Different Ending -- a new type of cause video -- recently caught the eye of blogger and consultant Sean Stannard-Stockton, who has included it today in his own list of 10 "favorite" videos for social impact.

Stannard-Stockton, CEO of Tactical Philanthropy Advisors, is asking his readers to vote on their favorites from his list; he will show the winner at tonight's inVision 2010 get-together in San Francisco. Our recent favorites at Cause Global remain Choose a Different Ending, along with The Girl Effect -- a video CG Publisher Marcia Stepanek uses as one of many examples of effective cause videos in the seminars and Webinars she teaches at NYU and elsewhere on the use of social media in advocacy.

Here are three videos of particular interest from Stannard-Stockton's list, besides the one we suggested:

* The Tipping Point, modeled after The Girl Effect:

* The Lost Generation, which Georgia State University student Jonathan Reed created for a 2007 contest hosted by AARP:

* Rebuilding Haiti with Microfinance, produced by The MasterCard Foundation:

Are there cause videos that you'd like to share that aren't on the list? Let us hear from you; meanwhile, watch this space for continuing coverage of the use and creation of cause video for social change.

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